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UKAN is the first of its kind token, driven by the community that empowers a nation during an immense humanitarian crisis. As the Ukrainian people are undergoing a horrific war forced upon them, there is an immense humanitarian crisis the world cannot ignore. It is time for immediate action, assistance, and support. It is the hope that with human decency, ingenuity, coupled with blockchain technology, the opportunity to assist the Ukrainian people has emerged. UKAN was founded, with the sole aim to create a new economy for the rehabilitation of Ukraine. 

UKAN is 100% community driven with 50% of the tokens added as liquidity on UniSwap, and the remainder 50% of the supply (the “Burn”) to be transferred to Ukraine, via the verified official ERC20 wallet of the Ukrainian Government and international aids for Ukraine with the aim for continued unprecedented leadership on Mr. Zelenskyy’s end to assist and rescue his people with the rehabilitation of Ukraine.The burn will be automatically sent via a smart contract which will transfer every day 0.05% of the total supply of UKAN i.e., 0.1% of the total supply of the Burn (50%) to the official ERC20 wallet of the Ukrainian government and international aids official ERC20 wallet. By gradually transferring the Burn, we strive to achieve our 2 main objectives: (1) to organically grow our support to Ukraine and the UKAN community, while maintaining a balanced liquidity in the market, and (2) creating a sustainable source of funds for the use of the Ukrainian Government to the rehabilitation of Ukraine over a long period of time (1,000 days). 

The UKAN Foundation will perform the burn in collaboration with officials in the Ukrainian Government and international aids for Ukraine.
In order to provide the UKAN community with additional comfort, the smart contracts will be audited by one of the top audit companies in the world.



The only place to buy or sell UKANS safely is on Uniswap. There are some centralized exchanges that have listed UKANS, but CEXs have a history of locking funds.
It is safer to trade on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or 1inch/metamask.



Our incubator invites activists and humanitarians in the UKAN community to join us to help grow our community and support such an important cause. These volunteers will lead the UKAN movement, as we create a new decentralized economy, build on the strengths of blockchain technology and the crypto community, for Ukraine. More will be unveiled over the next several weeksThis is the beginning of a new era of humanitarian decentralized communities.



On February 24th, 2022, Russia has launched a full-scale military attack against the Ukraine. Within a month from the launch of such attack, the world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe to the Ukrainian people.As of March 22nd, 2022, the UN reports that over 3.5 million people have fled from their homes in the Ukraine, with women and children accounting for over 90% of those refugees. Neighboring countries are receiving Ukrainian refugees, with over 2 million refugees already received by Poland alone.According to Alexander Rodnyansky, an economic adviser to Ukraine’s President, Mr. Zelenskyy, the war has “a catastrophic impact for our economy, for the region overall". Mr. Rodnyansky added that: “We've already seen massive destructions of roads and bridges and infrastructure. So that is something that will have to be rebuilt over the years when the war is over” and that “Ukraine has already lost percentages in the GDP growth because of the war and production is collapsing with disruptions to vital food and energy supplies. With the world on the brink of a global economic crisis, inter-alia, due to the war, and the Ukrainian people in dire need of assistance to mitigate their humanitarian crisis and rebuild the country after the war, there’s a need to join as a community and help save Ukraine. One token for one nation.

Save Ukraine, Buy UKANS!


Don’t give value to the Devs!
We buy for Ukraine and Ukraine only! 


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